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  1. Wow!!

    Anyone know what “”It’s just wonderful when teenagers commit themselves with their hair and their skin to the bible.” is supposed ot mean?

  2. i smell youth group fund raiser here, guys! anyone else with me on this one…


    um, no. ok then. we’ll stick to car washes and spaghetti dinners.

  3. From being over there in Germany I can say that nudity is much more common and not as “shocking” as it is to us in the US. But still, sin is sin regardless of culture.

  4. I would have like to hqave been their when they were brainstorming this idea.
    “What woiuld you like to see the youth group do ?”
    “I think that we should all get naked and take pictures posing in Bible stories.”
    “Well that sounds like a good idea lets go ask the Elders and see what they say.”

  5. I think it’s only really fun when one starts to think about some of the biblical stories one could portray in this way.

    Esther pleases the King…
    Sampson’s hair being waxed instead of cut
    The young man streaking from Gesthemane
    Herodias’ daughter dances for Herod

    I’m sure that David and Solomon could get a gurnsey in the calendar too…

  6. They are getting a ton of pr from all of us who just feel that “we” have to say something about it.

    If one is truly disgusted by this, then stop talking about it!

  7. even though i wasn’t all-inclusive with my disgust, i wanted to reiterate (in case i’m offending a few that i didn’t intend to offend): if you thought this calendar or idea was hilarious, amusing, fun/indicative of a fun youth group, or were wondering where there were more pics like that then your comment is the one that disgusts me. i hope if it was your daughters or other female family members on that calendar you would have reacted a little differently or if you are a youth worker/pastor i feel bad for the girls you are trying to minister to.

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