when your coworker goes on vacation…

try one of these:







this last one was done to a ys staffer (not this pic, but exactly like it) two weeks ago for her birthday. every pen and pencil, every thing on her desk, all wrapped in foil.


(ht to steve case)

19 thoughts on “when your coworker goes on vacation…”

  1. very awesome. it would be cool/ frustrating to come back to this. our pastor got mad last time we let someone in his office to “decorate” it.

  2. One time I did a friends office with string going back and forth around his office. And if it’s small and some friends help, it’s not that hard to get about 4-5 feet of baloons in a room.

  3. My students did the ‘wrap up the office in newspaper’ one to me. They did an awesome job, and neatly wrapped absolutley everything!! They also completely wrapped my car in plastic wrap! Very funny stuff, every now again these pranksters strike… of course the fun is getting revenge.

  4. Of course. How foolish of me not to realise! I can only imagine my husband’s reaction if he saw me putting a keyboard into the dishwasher … it’s at moments like these that I need an emoticon that does a little shudder ;)

  5. I’m serious! With a non-fancy keyboard they’re just big switchs and some basic circuitry, if you dry them out thoroughly (I mean, very thoroughly) then they’ll be fine. Probably.

  6. RACHEL TANNER AND THUD GUDNASON i know you read this blog don’t get any ideas while IM away in Florida for Brian’s wedding. I will fire Tim as a ritual sacrafice if you mess with my office.


  7. Ah, you forgot about T.P.ing a desk! We strung two rolls of toilet paper on a coworkers cublicle. We even hung it from the ceiling to make a little “curtain.” It was way fun….and that’s what happens when you call in sick!

  8. A coworker of mine said that one time he and some others took fishing line, tied it to all of the items on a coworker’s desk, ran the lines to the wire hole down and back out to the chair. When he pulled his chair out, everything did this implosion towards the back of the desk.

  9. A friend of mine did the packing peanuts thing. It was an office conspiracy against someone who went on vacation for 2 weeks. Good stuff.

  10. Great stuff. This should go into a Ideas book. This should should also be talked about when interviewing for a YM job. Then you’ll know how uptight the Senior pastor might be.

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