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saw this over at bob’s blog a while back and have had it saved in my blogline subs for some time now.

aol survey

• In bed in their pajamas: 67%
• From the bathroom: 59%
• While driving: 50%
• In a bar or club: 39%
• In a business meeting: 38%
• During happy hour: 34%
• While on a date: 25%
• From church: 15% (up from 12% last year)

i’ll admit it here: since i do email on my blackberry so often, i have done email in all of these contexts. my bb used to charge, overnight, in the bathroom. but now it’s plugged in on top of my dresser, right next to my head from where our bed is. the result: many mornings, i grab my bb without even rolling out of bed. and the bathroom? what else is one supposed to do whilst sitting around like that? or, whilst standing at a urinal. worse yet: hardly a week goes by that i don’t at least send one email from church (dang, i suck!). as for “while driving”: i’ve really tried to decrease that one.

2 thoughts on “where we do email”

  1. Guilty as charged also.
    I even sent one from the platform at church this past weekend.
    And I also am totally cutting down on it while driving.

  2. As to the church one…sometimes it’s for God, seriously…

    I was working the media booth one service when I got a text/email from one of the orchestra members up on the platform (also a media guy) telling me there was a typo on the screen so we were able to fix it

    Typically, though I try to leave my phone at home (or I guess in the office) when I’m in a situation I don’t want/need to be using it…it’s just so hard not to check that sports score or check emails

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