who knew scandrette was blogging?

i sure didn’t.

mark scandrette became a good friend, one of those instant heart-connections, during our work on the first emergent convention. then, due to his involvement in the next few, and our families becoming friends, we had a reason to see each other about every three or four months for the past three years. but, as is often true in the cycles of life, our reasons have run out (at least the reasons that someone else will pay for!). so i haven’t seen him since may. and i really miss him.

mark and lisa live in san francisco and lead re:imagine. i really don’t know how to describe mark, other than to say one of the reasons i’ve enjoyed his friendship is that he’s my postmodern, urban, mystery-embracing, hippie friend. and that “bent” is good for me. i guess i’m his corporate ministry friend. i doubt i’m good for him!

i emailed mark the other day, just to tell him i missed him. and he just emailed back, closing with the fact that he’s been blogging for some time (which was total news to me). his posts tend to be really long, like he went to the dan kimball school of blogging. but i can tell they’ll make me think, just like any conversation with mark always does.

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