6 thoughts on ““why boomers resist emergents””

  1. Hmm, interesting reading. I have floated it to the team that I work with. Our boss has done all the Po-Mo reading of late, as he believes in being informed before casting aspersions. He’s reading Carson at the moment and it should undoubtedly ignite some interesting conversation. He’s a Boomerskeptic. As in skeptical of Emergent (the philosopy, not the specific organization). It will be interesting to see how this fetters his reading..

    I’m really ennoying your blog, Marko.

  2. Cool stuff marko. If there’s one thing I love about what the Church could be, it’s to have unity across the age barrier.

  3. I’m 50, Brian McLaren is what, 49? Most of my friends, many of whom are older than I – solidly boomer demographically – are equally passionate about the emerging church. I’ve been searching for these changes since I first became a Christian back in 1978. Please don’t lump all us boomers in the same outdated camp.

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