why have me endorse?

so, this past weekend i read the ‘uncorrected proof’ of claudia mair burney’s upcoming first book, murder, mayhem, and a fine man (releasing in july of this year, from navpress). for the life of me, i cannot figure out why i was asked to write an endorsement for this book. it’s christian fiction, about hip black people in detroit (well, hey, i’m from detroit, maybe that’s it!). but i love claudia’s writing, which i became familiar with through her blog, ragamuffin diva. when i found out she was from ann arbor, michigan (home of the university of michigan — go blue!), i told my ‘new to blogs’ sister who lives in ann arbor that she should read claudia’s blog. eventually, they connected and became friends. the two of them took a road-trip together to attend the emergent convention in nashville in may of 2004. and it was really great to actually get to know claudia.

anyhow, i loved the story. and i have to say, the endorsement i just sent in isn’t just spin — it’s the truth:

Hip, real, multi-dimensional, less-than-perfect but still God-loving characters? In a Christian book? I’m stunned and absolutely thrilled. Claudia Mair Burney weaves a page-turner of mystery, faith, personal discovery and humor. Hey, it’s really not just chick-lit – I loved it and read every page!

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  1. You were asked to endorse because YOU ARE THE BOMB! Thanks for your kind words, and for sharing me with your readers.

    Claudia Mair aka “the voice of Jesus Christ in this time”. Ha! Remember that!?!

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