6 thoughts on “why i stopped going to youth group”

  1. Wow. I agree – very well stated, Natalie. I’ve often wondered about all the techno fun that goes on at our church. The wall murals and character themes in the various kids’ meeting rooms are attractive to kids, and it seems the idea is to get them interested and provide something that makes them want to return. But at what point does the message of Christ potentially get lost in the maze of bright lights and playstations?

  2. Thanks, Marko. I appreciate the encouragement and the shout-out… I’d write a book in a heartbeat; if only someone would publish it!


  3. She reads Fredrick Buechner and Madeline L’engle and listens to Damien Rice and Sufjan Stevens. Clone her – NOW!

    I expected to read, “…and if we play another ‘Youth Specialties’ game, I’m gonna scream!”

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