wikinomics.jpgWikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything, by Don Tapscott and Anthony D. Williams.

read this book a little while ago, and just haven’t gotten to the review yet. but what a great book. it’s one of those books, like daniel pink’s a whole new mind, or some of seth godin’s books and patrick lencioni’s books, that constantly had my brain thinking about changes we could/should make to youth specialties and/or zondervan. seriously, like dozens (hundreds?) of ideas. maybe a few of them will actually get implemented!

the book is about how a web 2.0/wiki culture is changing our world; specifically, it’s about how collaboration is changing work places, content development, and problem solving. two chapters in particular had my brain really churning: the one on open-source work spaces, and the one on collaboration spaces for idea generation, development and sharing. i really do expect those to shape some stuff for ys in the months and years to come, and have been working to put some notions into motion already.

while this would be an interesting read for anyone, i think (as it speaks to our changing culture), it’s an important and great read for anyone in an organizational leadership role (church, ministry, business).

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  1. maybe the best book i have read on the future of information. I too have been thinking about how these changes need to effect my ministry.

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