will and rose get married

youth specialties only has 33 staff. so when two of them get married, it’s kind of a big deal!

rose, our CORE coordinator (our one-day training event), and will, our programmer (as in brilliant techie dude and my personal blog-coach and blog template modifier), tie it this evening. most of the ys staff will be there, of course (including a few coming in from out of town), so it’s sure to be a great time.

they have one of the nicest ‘wedding sites’ i’ve ever seen (on the internet, i don’t mean the wedding location!) — thanks to a combination of will’s internet ability and the stunning renee altson’s gallery-quality photos.

speaking of parties involving ys staff: next sunday night is our annual infamous ys staff christmas party. we’ve got a doosy planned. i’ll blog about it after-the-fact, since it’s all a secret.

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