win a copy of the new album from The Digital Age

the digital age bandi hope, by now, you’ve heard of the band The Digital Age. while it will not be long before they don’t need this explanation, The Digital Age is made up of four of the six former members of the David Crowder Band. i’ve known these guys for years and love that i can honestly call them friends.

earlier this year, i was the main speaker at a large youth event where The Digital Age was the worship band. so, even though i knew them well already, and had heard them play as part of DC*B dozens and dozens of times, that was the first time i’d seen them lead in their new formation. and. it. was. awesome. i mean, anyone who knew the previous band knew that these guys are wickedly talented as musicians. but a bunch of good musicians doesn’t necessarily make a great band, right? however: mike d, jack, mark and bwack are much more than great musicians. they’re great songwriters, great worship leaders, and great performers (oh, and they’re really great guys too!). really, i’m stoked about the future for these guys, and the songs we’ll all be singing that will flow from them in the years to come.

evening-morningand this week their first full-length album released, called EVENING : MORNING. check it out on itunes. buy it.

and! and! i get to give away some copies of the album here! let’s call it three copies. just leave a comment telling me why you should win, and i will either randomly or subjectively choose three of ’em later this week. the band will actually mail you a CD in the mail if you win.

i’ve had the album for a couple weeks and, if digital files could get grooves from wear, mine would have ’em.

winner, winner, bwack dinner

ooh, that was meant to imply a dinner with bwack, not a dinner of bwack. you sick person.

i wanted to pick stephen moye and brian aaby as two of the winners, i’ll admit, because i liked their answers. but since they’re personal friends of mine, i think it would be insider trading. so, sorry guys.

cliff, you almost won for your falconry comment also. you were a close fourth. but i’m only giving away three copies.

and those go to:

jake. your “bow chica bow wow” and the idea that you would use the digital age album as a… um… marital device, totally cracked me up. yes. please do follow through. for the sake of world peace.

jonathan sigmon. we want you to love again, man.

and kirk moore, for the anti-entry. brilliant.

congrats, dudes!

46 thoughts on “win a copy of the new album from The Digital Age”

  1. I should win because I am the first commenter, I have shared a beer with Bwack, and I am a former youth worker who still supports and champions youth ministry in my new role. Not too mention jamming this in my album would be SWEET!!!

  2. Oh I’ll play!

    Why I should win because I’m an “m” in Africa and am back in the states til September raising support and my wife has been hounding me to try and find some cheap or free worship music to refresh our collection :)

    Also, maybe first comment? (Don’t see any others right now at least)

  3. Two reasons…..Not only is Bwack the bestest drummer ever, but like Bwack i also enjoy falconry

  4. I should win because there are lots of days when I don’t get any mail. It makes my mailbox sad. It’s a good mailbox. It deserves some rockin’ tunes!

  5. Because I take my GRE today, and if I don’t do very well I’m going to need something to put a smile on my face. What better than The Digital Age?

  6. I don’t deserve anything and I already have grace. These guys are nice, amazingly talented and I’d love their new album for free!

  7. Marko!
    I would love this album!!!
    It will help my life as a Youth Pastor: Great Music for students to groove to
    It will help my life as a dad: Great Music for my little girls to dance to
    It will help my life as a husband: Bow chica bow wow

    I think that’s really all I need.

  8. I’ve been waiting since the moment I heard about this band!!! I really think I need this album!!!

  9. I’m in the process of developing a new worship band for our youth ministry and our church is starting a new Sunday evening worship service in less than a month. In previewing The Digital Age album, there’s some awesome stuff on here that….. oh heck, I’ll just be honest…my wife cut back my iTunes budget and I need some new music.

  10. I don’t really want a free copy because I’d rather buy it and support these fellas! They’re incredible… If you’d like to cry, like right now, just look up on YouTube their version of “All the Poor and Powerless”. Grab some tissues…

  11. This will help me recover from the immeasurable grief caused by the break-up of DC*B, and fill the gaping hole left behind. Thanks for thinking of us and sharing!

  12. Mark-O:
    You should pick me because I finally didn’t get 404’d :) bu seriously you should pick me because music is more than just notes and instrumentation to me. When I listen to good music, I find myself lost in it. I find the corrolations between our Father God and my life through music. I know you’re a busy man and you already have a large blogroll, but if you want to see how important and innately beautiful I find music, go check out my blog:

    The truth is: I want their CD so that I can hear the heart of God singing to me, as I’ve always been able to hear from these guys when they were DC*B. There is something magical that happens when you let beautiful music take over and speak into your soul. That’s why you should pick me.

  13. I should win because I’m back in the saddle as the youth pastor at my church. After a 3.5 year hiatus, I’m in need of some new tunes for worship. I have missed years of NYWC worship, and I’m ready to get back to my roots/heart.

  14. I should win because I like winning things except I never win anything but I am told it is awesome! Oh and I really want this album!

  15. I should win because I help lead the middle school worship band at your church and these tasty grooves would sound great being played by the middle school band during worship

  16. I believe that I should, and will win because the God who created the universe has predetermined it. The ALV (Andrew Larsen version) translates Epheians 1:4-8 this way.
    ” Even before he made the world, God loved Andrew and chose him in Christ to be holy and without fault in his eyes, and have realy good taste is music. 5 God decided in advance to adopt Andrew into his own family by bringing him to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure, kind of like hearing an awesome album for the first time. 6 So we praise God for the glorious grace he has poured out on us who belong to his dear Son; especially Andrew, cause he is winning Evening:Morning from Marko. 7 He is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom (and 3 copies of The Digital Age’s debut album, one of which is going to Andrew) with the blood of his Son, the forgiveness cost blood, pretty sure the albums were like $12 a piece, still generous though and forgave our sins. 8 He has showered his kindness on Andrew, along with all wisdom and understanding.”

    If ever there was a “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it” moment, this is it.

  17. I enjoy things that are digital…cameras, clocks, thermometers…and especially digital (and FREE) music.

  18. I totally should get one ’cause our senior pastor resigned and as the other full time staff member, I get to wear all the hats! Preaching, pastoral care, worship leader, youth pastor, techie, you name it. SO I need an unwinder and soundtrack to the madness!

  19. I don’t really have a good reason to win it, other than I would really like it! But I’m hoping that you’re just going to randomize and then not saying anything would give me a chance at all!

  20. Does anyone need a better reason than Bacon? I argue, no!

    Viva la bacon, beards and buds!

  21. Hi Marko, I’ve never commented on your blog but enjoy reading it. I’m thinking I should win because I’m kind of envious of your beard, but considering the fact that most of the high school guys in my youth group can grow a beard better than me tells me that’s probably not going to happen. So instead of asking for your magical beard growing powers, I’m asking for a copy of The Digital Age :)

  22. I should win because I bought Jeff Goins new book, and even though I was promised free stuff, it never came. :( Good music could return my faith in humanity and digital connections.

  23. because I heard an Air 1 DJ call them “our New Kids On The Block” yesterday (Wed the 14th around 5pm) and I need their new album to remind me:
    – it is absolutely not true in any way shape or form
    – no DJ should ever utter that phrase again
    – wonderful music can chase away unhappy thoughts

  24. I should win because I saw them at Revolution and was instantly inspired. I only found out about your blog after seeing you at Revolution and following of on Facebook. You spoke of a God of love and had me laughing and crying throughout the weekend. The Digital Age had truly amazing worship music. Even in a room full of people, they worshipped The Lord as if it was just then in the room, and motivated me to worship more often. I loved the songs that they sang at the event, and would love to have their album to worship with! God bless.

  25. “The Digital Age” – is that like the “Renaissance Period”? or the “Age of Aquarius”

  26. I want to win this album as much as a fat kid wants chocolate cake…

    …and if I don’t win this album…I’ll be a fat kid that is stuck with only chocolate cake. This album would make a great work out album…which would help me avoid being fat and help me avoid cake.

  27. I should win because.. well Im still an old analog guy and need to go digital. And far as age..well im 40 thanks for asking. And they (the band) are just awesomeness. And I have facial hair and im willing to admit…i pick my nose while driving

  28. I was thinking, since the majority of my music is still on cassett and vinyl, I think a good boost into the digital age is needed for me. I can not think of a better place to start. If you choose me I’ll show you my collection of Stryper on vinyl.

  29. I just began a new youth ministry position. The church I came from (for 7 years) was a very busy church with a lot of noise. The church I just began is quiet. I could really use some good tuneage in my new quiet space.

  30. Basically I want to have B-wack’s style but us conservative canadians don’t allow epic facial hear. Really sad because we have a lot of lumberjacks here in Canada. Totally unchurched. But facial hair is too much for some folk.

  31. It’s simple – pretty much the biggest digital age fan north of the border (that’d be that border that separates those who live in houses and us who supposedly live in igloos and have beavers for pets … eh)

  32. The songs Capture me.
    Especially “All the poor and powerless”, that’s what God wants us to care for! so powerful.
    Would love to bring this message to the youth group!

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