worst church junk idea of the month

some days i’m just embarassed by, well, things like this

yes, it looks like a joke. no, it is not.

and the marketing copy: just toss your old cap habit, pop on the divine iBelieve and rejoice!

back in the day, this would have won the wittenburg door “green weenie” award, i Believe.

16 thoughts on “worst church junk idea of the month”

  1. okay PLEASE tell me this is a joke? I get so tired of “cheesy Jesus” merch- first tshirts that take old logos and give them the “Jesus” twist…then we had the WWJD branding on anything that would stand still long enough to get branded…and now we take a music toy and “Jesus” brand it…ahhhhh yep just one more fun thing to try to explain the whole “be of the world and in it…” oh wait did i miss quote that? ahhhhh

  2. I really don’t know … If you order the product, it really goes to a paypal account. Maybe he takes people’s unsuspecting money as a joke?

    Devoted1.com is owned by a real guy in Portland, (here’s another of his web sites: http://www.studiomod.com/slide_show/swf/ ) He’s definitely a creative guy.

    Hmm. I really don’t know.

    Donna – please tell me you DO know what a shuffle and an iPod is. please…. (there’s a reputation on the line here!)

  3. The 2 Jobs verse is hilarious. I think the whole thing is pure comedy. I love it. I’m getting one – I have a shuffle so I could show it off at YS next year!!

  4. I imagine this is a cover for an IPOD. I am not as uncomfortable with this as you are…but in part that is because the cheesier Jesusy stuff around the funnier I think it is and would be tempted to buy it. For instance, I have a collection of Friar Tuck action figures.

  5. Donna, I’m a fan of fire engine red. I get my hair cut at this fun alternative hair place in san diego, and they were fans of you guys back before you were christians … I remember sitting in the chair getting my hair dyed punky color plum and they were talking about “fire engine red” (and not the hair dye!) … so, wow, I guess its your reputation! :)

  6. ok, to clarify:
    1. i do think this is real, as — like renee said — when you go to order, it goes to a pay pal account.
    2. what bugs me about this kind of christian stuff is that it’s just a rip-off of existing stuff. the worst of what we christians create and sell is the rip-off stuff. as soon as the “livestrong” bracelets became popular, didn’t we all know it would be a matter of seconds before a million christian versions flooded the market (all in the name of evangelism)? i don’t mind good christian stuff (like, good christian music). let’s just create good stuff — not only riff on stuff that already exists.
    3. eric, i have NOTHING against buying kitsch like this because it cracks you up. i have a “what would jesus do” teddy bear in my office (although, what really cracks me up about it is that there’s a little squeeze thing in it that says, “what would jesus do?” when you squeeze it — and it’s supposed to be in its tummy; but it’s in the crotch). i also have a “buddy christ” from the movie dogma. if it makes you smile, buy it. but please don’t consider it an evangelistic tool!

  7. I have a word for this (and all the other cheesy Jesus junk on the market)– Cheesus. It’s amazing how much cheesus junk there is in the world these days!

  8. I laughed out loud at the WWJD teddy bear crotch comment – hilarious. I totally agree with everyone about this being lame and actually quite harmful if taken seriously or used as an evangelism tool. I loved that book “The Christian Culture Survival Guide.” I cracked up because I have been raised in this freaky culture. Our church bookstore manager has a vow to never sell “Precious Moments” figurines. It’s a great statement.

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