worst jesus junk of the month award

ok, i don’t so much have a theological problem with painting jesus as a teenager. interesting idea, really. and i agree that, if one is to paint jesus as a teenager, it would be best to actually make him look like a teenager. but this… well, the halo, the “apostles” tat, the brush cut, the smug “i’m a young richard gere” look. it was just a bit too much for me, you might say. i did get a kick out of reading the youth ministers page. and at least this one seems to be in stock, unlike that elvis & jesus painting!



(ht to steve case)

13 thoughts on “worst jesus junk of the month award”

  1. It (the white mark) would apear to be makeup from the woman of questionable nature (skank) standing next to Him.

  2. This picture is irreverent and disgusting. Marko, I noticed you listed this under “church humor.” What does that mean? I see absolutely nothing humorous about it. To the contrary, it is sickening.

  3. uh, cathy, it’s listed under two tags, unconnected: church, and humor. not church humor. but, for that matter, i suppose it is church humor — hence, me giving it the jesus junk of the month award.

  4. Mark, I am stunned when I hear terminology such as “JESUS junk.” Talk about an oxymoran. You should be ashamed of yourself for linking or connecting the name above all names with “junk” like it’s some sort of catchy one-word-liner. Sadly, I am not surprised. I have seen YS material that uses disrepectful one word liners to describe the King of Kings, such as “God is like Coke, he’s the real thing,” So if this is your worldview, it explains why you would see nothing wrong with statements like “Jesus junk.” This attitude is foreign to the Word of God. As I stated above, this kind of talk about God is disrespectful and irreverent. NO wonder all of the studies indicate we are not passing on the Christian faith.

  5. How about a Jesus junk coffee table book? Y’know, like those scenic photo books or dog photo books but with pictures of velvet Elvis & Jesus, pics of bottled Christian water (Christian water?!?), a montage of all the Left Behind and Prayer of Jabez merch, and other assorted whatever.

    Heck, it could even be considered a tool created by tools … to demonstrate why the world thinks Christianity is a joke …

  6. I’m wondering if some of the offence seems to be caused by the idea of Jesus hanging out with a ho… cos like, that never happened, y’know. All Jesus friends were middle class and respectable, with stable jobs – it’s scriptural.

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