10 thoughts on “worst jesus junk of the month award”

  1. well…my day was going pretty well, and I was having a bit of hope for the world…and then more jesus junk brings me crashing back to reality ;)

  2. Not really sure this should be called “Jesus Junk”, since it is regarding the Ten Commandments. Maybe you can call it “God Garbage” or something. What makes it junk anyways? It is actually a decent looking jersey. Is anything that you can buy Jesus Junk or is there a certain qualifier needed?

  3. well, maybe the exodus shirt wasn’t the best example — look at the rest. it’s a pick-yer-scripture sports jersey bonanza.

    i think for it to qualify as “jesus junk” there has to be one or more of these qualifications:
    a. a complete tackiness to the item, or
    b. a desire, on the part of the makers, for the item to be evangelistic.
    c. a rip-off of a regular product (that’s the kind of non-creative church products that just bugs me the most).

    these $75 shirts qualify on the second and third points.

    yes, i’ve had worse jesus junk win the award — these are, at least, high-quality products!

    thanks for forcing me to think through my qualifications, randy!

  4. Will you and Tic be sporting this now instead of your regular jerseys @ NYWC? LOL. I was thinking the ole Hockey Jesus figurine was kind of funny though.

  5. gman — tic’s the jersey guy. he wears them all the time, because he gets them as thank you gifts from the local convention centers!

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