yes, i ate it

last night, in peru, we ate at a fancy incan restaurant. there were lots of great things on the menu, but when i saw “ginnea pig”, i could hardly believe it. our hosts said it was really good and i should try it — so i did. i was mostly glad it wasn’t served the way my hosts have had it before, with the head and little paws still on! it was reasonably good — don’t know that i’d get it again. tasted kind of like chicken, with a hamster after-taste. here’s me about to dig in…

16 thoughts on “yes, i ate it”

  1. assaulted dog postings and now this? That’s quite a turn around!

    Any chance you’ll be getting the kids a guinea pig for their birthdays?

  2. Did you get the liver? When I was in Peru a few years ago we ate ginnea pig in a Quechua village and the liver is really the best part. One warning though. Don’t go into your local pet store and ask for three pounds of ginnea pig… they sort of frown on that here.

  3. It’s not a pet! It’s a noisy nuisance! It’s always funny to me the things that Americans are shocked other cultures eat … and vice versa. There are things we do that are just as shocking to other cultures! : ) When I lived in South America as a teenager, I used to try weird things just so I could freak out my friends back home in my letters. Now if only you could incorporate this into NYWC … perhaps a guinea pig eating contest on stage during a general session? Whoever finishes theirs first wins? With a cage of live ones running around in front of the contestants?

  4. I don’t agree with Matthew about them annoying factor…but I do agree with our reactions to food from other cultures and vice versa. Not usre I could step up and do the guninea pig thing, though.

  5. and hence, they must be consumed. :-) 20 years ago or so friends of our family got free beef ribs from the butchers in Germany because they conidered those to be dog food.

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