yes, i’m a middle school youth worker

sorry to malign all middle school youth workers this way. maybe i should rephrase that to, “i work with middle school guys, and i love working with middle school guys.” because that means, i think farting is pretty funny. so what little computer game could be better than one where you try to keep a pig flying by regulating his farting? btw, it’s a little bit harder than it looks, even though it only requires the use of the left arrow key to get him started, and the up arrow key to regulate the flatulence explusion.


7 thoughts on “yes, i’m a middle school youth worker”

  1. Too much…I had my sound up on my computer when I first loaded up the site so I had to scramble to hit the volume real quick…nothing says professional like a fart sound track cranked up on your computer!

    Farts are one of my proofs that God has a sense of humor. I mean, He could have made them quiet and odorless but instead chose loud, stinky and inevitable in the most awkward/formal of situations.

  2. After one week of practice, one of my jr. high small group guys got 6:14.944. I still haven’t broken 1 min. He’s my hero.

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