yes, it’s time to lose a few


bc fat comic.jpg
(ht to jim hampton, via email)

the “are you a bigger loser than marko?” contest starts today! i weighed in at a sloppy 250.2 pounds. time to get to it! kinda sucks that i’m flying home from florida today, and to london tomorrow: not a great way to start a hard-core weight loss plan!


11 thoughts on “yes, it’s time to lose a few”

  1. Great timing! I took my scale pic this a.m. and have to take and turn in the full body pic. Good luck to all.

  2. Marko, if someone starts to beat you, just remember. You’ve got a couple pounds of hair on your head that can go away and put you over the top at any time.

  3. I emailed the site last week and never heard back – what am I suppoded to do to get started here…oh, and I miss you

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