yet three more worst nativities

here’s the original set of 20.

and here are the 3 more i added.

and, now… another 3. it seems there is no end to our love of kitsch (most of these are thanks to helpful commenters or emails).

the cupcake topper nativity

the pig nativity. oink-vey: certainly not kosher…

and, finally, the mary-and-josesph as kids nativity. this one is mildly disturbing, particularly in light of rampant infantalization of teenagers in our culture and the dropping age in puberty (though i’m sure that’s not what the creators of this had in mind).

9 thoughts on “yet three more worst nativities”

  1. “I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children’s children, because I don’t think children should be having sex.”
    – Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

  2. My wife is now hungry for cupcakes! And does anyone else see a strong familial resemblance between joseph and mary in the third pic? One more reason why it is a disturbing photo. Maybe that’s why baby’s eyes are a bit droopy.

  3. Whatever happened to the “Alien” nativity from the first set? I’ve been searching for it ever since I saw it several years ago. Thanks so much for “resurrecting” this….sorry.

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