ym3.0 generates questions

i love how chris framed this review of youth ministry 3.0 on his “journey of questions” blog:

I honestly could not wait to get my hands on this book. I heard Marko speak at NYWC 2007 in Atlanta where he spoke on this idea, and it really hit home with me because I was in the same place he was with struggles in youth ministry. This book lays out so clearly where youth ministry came from, where it is right now, and challenged us to move on to where it needs to go.

What I appreciated:
– I really appreciated the length of the book, only 150 pages or so. I have a little trouble with finishing longer books so this helped a lot.
– I liked that Marko did not try to answer what the future of youth ministry, YM 3.0, would look like because by his own explanation it will be different everywhere, there is not longer a “right way”
– I really liked how he laid out the history and present and future parts of youth ministry; it was very simple and profound. The chart was great!
– I truly appreciated that Marko did not knock on the church and tell us that we are all wrong, but approached it as we were right and now we need to continue on our path of change to meet the new needs. It is far to easy to just say: “You’re all wrong and I am right;” but Marko does not do this, he simply pushes us towards a new journey.
– I appreciated the stories told by Marko and others on the sides of the pages; it put a “real” sense to the whole thing; even including people who did not agree with what he was saying.
– I appreciated that Marko, the president of Youth Specialties, a company based in YM 2.0 wrote a book that is even going to challenge his organization greatly as well.

What I struggle with:
– I almost wish that Marko did not include the chapter on how do we get there. I know that he did not give too much, but people will still get stuck on it as the “way” again. I do understand, however, the need for this chapter for people to begin a discussion.
– I wish that Marko did not give a verse to describe YM 3.0 as it is somewhat against what he is talking about, I wish that he stuck with his first thought, the whole Bible, I believe that would show how much of a change that we need to make.

My Fears:
– I fear that too many are so stuck within the YM 2.0 program mindset that they might be unable or unwilling to move beyond it.
– I fear that there are too many who are going to make this book the “new way” and miss the whole point altogether.
– I fear that there will be many struggles with even small communities with how youth ministry is done.
– I fear that church leaders may slow the progress of this new era of ministry, and that it might simply be because we have not communicated to them what it is we feel called to do.
– I fear that the professional youth minister has gotten so good at “ministry” that they no longer seek God; which I believe is the only thing we need to do to transition to YM 3.0.
– I fear that our youth ministries may shrink, but our effectiveness with grow exponentially within those who are left in our care; which might bring on many conflicts and possible people let go.

– I would give this book a MUST READ status. I truly believe that Marko put into words what so many of us have been struggling with for some time now.
– Even if you do not agree with Marko it is going to challenge you to check yourself and the ministry the God has place you in.
– I love that there is a facebook group to discuss this with other people in ministry, which is where you will find me…

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