yo montana

sorry for the lack of posts. our wonderful condo (really, it’s fantastic, with a killer view of snow-covered mountains) doesn’t have wifi, or even anything high-speed. they do have free wi-fi in the main lobby at the lodge (which is a drive from our unit), but i’m on vacation with my family, so i can’t really justify running down here every day to blog. i’ll be back on sunday, most likely.

we took a 1/2 day snowmobile trip on saturday, 20 miles up the backside of big mountain (ski resort on the front side), and another 20 miles back down. had a wonderful time. here’s a pic of the kids.

6 thoughts on “yo montana”

  1. marko… long time reader… first time commenting…

    i am quite glad that it is a long drive for you to get wifi… this is your family vacation… enjoy the week with your wife and kids… we can read any time… you only have certain times with your family… we can survive!

  2. Marko,

    I hope that you have a great time away with your family…When I retreat I go completely wireless (without any gagets) I even leave the cell phone most of the time….I wish your family peace and joy as you celebrate Easter…Peace Sam

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