yo soy blondie

i’ve never understood how some people — especially men — can keep the same hairstyle and facial hair their entire life. i get bored with mine about every 6 to 9 months. so i change. i cut my hair or grow it in; i color it; i grow a beard some hideous excuse for a fu-man-chu (a la picture on my blog masthead), or shave it off. i’ve had shaved, short, medium and long hair, along with various mohawks and fauxhawks. i’ve had black hair and red hair and blonde hair and streaked-multi-tinted hair, and even blue hair (more than once). i’ve had a full beard and mutton chops and gotees and soul patches and the aforementioned fu. and i’ve added one piercing on one ear and three on the other (plus my three tattoos, which, when i get a new one, seems to delay my need for hair change for a few extra months).

i was shaving my head with a #3 guard (very short) until july of 2005. since then, i’ve had two haircuts: both just to neaten things up a bit. so it’s been a year and a half. and i’m bored and way overdue for change. but it took so long to grow my hair to this lenght, and my wife really likes it. so i didn’t want to cut it all off.

so i went blonde. well, mostly blonde. it’s bleached blonde on the outside, and black underneath. (it’s lighter than this pic makes it look)

now i can rest for a few more months.


16 thoughts on “yo soy blondie”

  1. I stand on the exact opposite side on this issue marko. I’ve had the same hairstyle essentially since 8th grade. The length has changed minorly over the years (with the exception of the three years I grew it out. 8 inch pony tail) I’ve never colored it, even as the gray begins its slow invasion. I’ve had the mustache since my junior year at college (some, ahem,almost 30 years) but did add a beard twice, back then and two years ago. The first time was for a stage role (acting major!) and the second because I was too lazy to shave and my wife said “That’s cute!”

    My thought? I can’t understand people who want to spend that much time thinking about and screwing with their hair! I don’t like it when it’s too long because it takes too long to dry (an issue especially in the winter)

    So chacon a son gout (forgive the lack of little language doo-hickies I always forget how to do them)

    But I have to agree with Dave.

  2. andy, you just made me laugh out loud.

    jay, i should add: i’m totally lazy when it comes to this stuff, and to daily hair stuff. i never have a hair style that takes more than 2 minutes, at the very most, to deal with. i never dry it (a perk of living in san diego, i suppose). so there’s no “thinking” about it. just an every-6-to-9-months switch that goes off saying “i’m bored with this.”

  3. Wow, you look a lot like my sister, same glasses and everything! except she is actually blond. I’m not sure what that says about my sister…

    I don’t think what you have really qualifies as blond. It doesn’t look light enough.

  4. I am with you bro. I am can never keep anything the same. My motto is, “there is so little in life you CAN change” so hair, etc. why not? However the sheen in your hair scares me.

  5. Well Mark,
    I thought you’d look (after 20 years) more like your staff picture on the YS website….the one with your head in a box of styrofoam peanuts. Shocked as I was, it looks kind of cool.

    Your old homie from the hood…..

    PS – How are those picture uploads coming along???

  6. and i thought you had quickly went prematurely gray since the conventions.

    i am constanly changing my appeareance. people think i am running/hiding from the cops i change so much.

    then the individuals at church joke about taking pictures monthly so they can remember all the looks.

    keep changing .. remaining the same … B O R I N G

  7. You ae looking more and more like Fabio with this new look.

    I think going full bleach blonde with Billy Idol style would be nice on you and very attractive.

  8. You’re as bad as me. Are you trying to avoid gray hair? Gray hair on guys is tres sexy!!!!! Anyway…looking good with the blonde man. Now when you do something stupid, just say “Sorry, blonde moment.” Works for me!!!!

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