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got this amazing email a couple weeks ago from a youth worker:

My sons and I traveled to Anaheim in October 2006 for the Youth Workers Conference- we are all youth workers at our church in Danville, CA. I want to share with you what my youngest son, Dave age 18, did after he was moved by the many great speakers he heard.
Dave came home feeling like people simply need to know they are loved and that a simple button could raise questions- so he went to his brother and shared his idea and his brother helped him to design a button that says simply “You Are Loved.” Dave listened to God and followed the plan God set before him; to give these buttons out to Youth Groups and challenge the students if they are so led- to take a bag of these buttons to pass out and love people with their lives- and give them a button as a token of that love and also a way to start conversations about who loves them. Dave created a web site with the help of another buddy- and they put the web site on the edge of the button- he has raised the donations to purchase the buttons- (he has given away 5,000 buttons and he just placed an order for 5,000 more) and has spoken to many youth groups throughout the San Ramon Valley and beyond- giving these buttons out and offering kids an opportunity to share the m. The buttons are really catching on- its neat to see others with these buttons and for my son to be known as the kid who gives out the You Are loved buttons. Dave has a great message he presents to all the Youth groups and is excited to be going to Chico State College next year for school and take this non-profit organization with him to college and beyond. Youth Specialties really sparked Dave to make this happen. I am excited that he followed the vision that God set before him and made it a reality. In a world that’s hurting, everyone needs to know that they are loved. Please check out his web site.

such a cool thing!

here’s david’s website: you are loved.

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  1. that is the kingdom of god at work right there. i hope we all can catch god’s heart for what he is calling us to. that is definately god’s ambassador representing his king and the heart beat of the kingdom. good for him.

  2. VERY KEWL. I love simple, unencumbered blessings!!

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