young teens and present vs. future

this is a great little synopsis of a new study on young teens and their thinking about the future. the findings resonate so much with my observational contact with middle schoolers.

a couple key bits:

According to popular stereotype, young teenagers are shortsighted, leaving them prone to poor judgment and risky decision-making when it comes to issues like taking drugs and having sex. Now a new study confirms that teens 16 and younger do think about the future less than adults, but explains that the reasons may have less to do with impulsivity and more to do with a desire to do something exciting.

…the study found that teens are shortsighted more due to immaturity in the brain systems that govern sensation seeking than to immaturity in the brain systems responsible for self-control.

Brain systems governing sensation seeking are very active between the ages of 10 and 16, while brain systems governing self-control continue to mature beyond age 16.

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  1. I think that this makes a good point. It is not that kids can’t control themselves, altough that is some of it, but that they want to live. And most of what they see and hear about living is sex and drugs and doing dangerous things. But if we get them involved with missions and communion they will learn there is a better and even more exciting way! Good stuff!

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