youth ministry 3.0 now available!

good news! after lots of confusion and shifts in understanding about the release and availability of my new book, youth ministry 3.0, it’s now available online in the ys store, or the zondervan store. i whined and pouted, and our wonderful product peeps at ys found a work-around that unclogged the distribution arteries.

so, all you folk (maybe 2 or 3) who were frustrated that it was only available at the conventions this fall need wait no longer!

happy reading. hope to hear from you.

11 thoughts on “youth ministry 3.0 now available!”

  1. Hey Marko…I look forward to reading it. I just read your blurp in YouthWorker and it tantalized my tastebuds… One question before I jump in to reading…do you cover integrating youth into the larger intergenerational church body so we don’t loose them at graduation?

    P.S. I am looking forward to my first book coming out with YS/Zondervan in Feb.09 ~ “The Long Haul: following Jesus into College and Beyond”! Thanks for the opportunity YS! See you in Nashville!

  2. i just finished it earlier this week- you use a lot of sentences within sentences with parentheses! i thought that was funny. i really did find it useful. i’m not really sure how we’ll make the transisiton between 2.0 and 3.0, but i think we’re in a good position to evolve in good ways. as far as youth ministry books go, its the most relevant one thats been published in years. nice work!

  3. “so close yet so far away”

    oh wait this wasn’t a caption post???

    Can I get a free book anyways?

  4. hmmm do you think i will be quick enough to be the first international order? sheesh – i’d rather buy it at convention :(

  5. I can’t wait! :) Jeff, you made a good point… wish we could keep kids after high school or even confirmation at our church.

  6. Placed my order just as soon as I read this (woo hoo), but then got an email saying it was out of stock – no estimated date for delivery (talk about a buzzkill). Hoping it’s just a glitch.

  7. chris,

    i checked the inventory in the warehouse and i do believe it is a glitch. please forward me the email you received so i can trace the problem & make sure your book is on the way. mindi at


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