youth ministry coaching program, 2011

in 2010, i launched two cohorts of the youth ministry coaching program; one in san diego (which started in april), and one in nashville (which started in september). there are 9 in the san diego cohort and 10 in the nashville cohort. both are going so very well — really, meeting or exceeding all my hopes and expectations. in the months to come, i’ll get some testimonials from the participants to share with you.

in case you’re not aware of it, the ymcp is a year-long whole life coaching program for youth workers. it’s a cohort approach, so it’s built on a closed group of about 10 peers who get to know each other deeply and are involved in the challenge and encouragement of the process. we meet every other month for two days, and have lots of interaction via a closed social networking site and phone calls in-between meetings. there are homework assignments (mostly self-assigned), book discussions, topical discussions, personal sharing, and a host of other elements — all of which, hopefully, add up to significant growth in multiple areas of the participants’ lives.

i’ve been so encouraged by the response and impact of these first two cohorts that i’m starting to make plans for 2011.

here are my very tentative plans for next year (realize that the location of the cohort is only the location of the meetings — i have people from 5 states in my san diego cohort, as far away as chicago; and people from 8 states in my nashville cohort):

san diego cohort, starting in april of 2011

nashville cohort, starting in september of 2011

in addition, i’m tentatively planning on expanding by adding three new cohorts this next year, each led by a nationally known youth worker who will be trained by me in the values, approach and methods of the ymcp. i’ll stay involved as a coach to these coaches, to ensure the quality of the program. i’m not quite ready to reveal who these people are (that will come, soon enough), but i’m hoping to start cohorts at various points through the year in…

orange county (CA), hopefully starting in spring 2011

dallas, hopefully starting early in 2011

kansas city, hopefully starting before summer of 2011

i’d really like to add a 4th cohort lead by someone other than myself in the atlanta area, but haven’t found the right person yet.

i’ve heard from people all over the country who would like me to start a cohort in their area. and i’m very open to additional locations (either with myself leading, or with someone i train). but i can’t start a cohort unless i have 10 people (or close to it), and these locations have been chosen for their centrality and other factors that make them feasible. but, if you are interested in having a cohort built in your region, and can figure out how to partner with me to move toward a minimum of 8 participants, i’d be happy to chat.

i’ve also been in discussions with some people about starting a cohort in asia (4 meetings, once each in hong kong, korea, singapore and malaysia); or, just a korean cohort. also discussions about a new zealand and/or australia cohort; and conversations about a western or eastern canadian cohort. if you have interest in any of these locations, please let me know (in a comment, or an email to [email protected]).

if you’d like more info about the ymcp, please check out the this page of my website, or download the program overview.

i’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in considering the program this coming year. either leave a comment here, or email me ([email protected]).

9 thoughts on “youth ministry coaching program, 2011”

  1. I’ll spread the word about next year’s potential cohorts. Being a part of the YMCP has already been a great experience for me, personally.

  2. I am not sure where Brian is writng from but Eastern Canada is ripe for YMCP. We here in Moncton already have a Moncton Youth Nation (gathering and accountability) group that brings together all denoms for projects of compassion and service across our city. I am very much in favor of a Eastern Canada cohort.

  3. Marko, there are a ton of youth ministries in Pennsylvania. If you hosted a cohort in the Philly area you could draw on PA, NJ, New York, and DE. You know you want to!

  4. How come nothing good like this ever comes to the northeast? Every year I have to travel to Chicago or the west coast, or fly down to Atlanta for big youth ministry type things. What’s the deal with stuff not coming up near Philly, NY, or DC?

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