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with the great start of the san diego cohort for the youth ministry coaching program, and a good deal of interest from youth workers on the eastern half of the united states (for whom san diego is a bit far to travel 6x in a year), i’m launching the application process for a new cohort to start this september in nashville.

critical thinking and theological reflection are extremely important for youth workers who don’t merely want to perpetuate the way things have been done in the past. but thinking and reflection are merely one portion (though a significant one) of what will help youth workers stay true to their calling and also grow in maturity and effectiveness. emotional, relational, and spiritual health are critical to long-term impact. this program is designed to provide both an opportunity for critical reflection and discussion of youth ministry issues, but also to provide safe place to process holistic growth.

in many ways, this program will surpass the training that can be offered by seminars and conventions. it will even surpass the experience of formal education. this is specifically due to the structure of the program (a small cohort with accountability, safety and shared shaping of the content), as well as the content of the program (thoughtful youth ministry dialogue, real life application, personal development, emotional honesty, and spiritual direction).

each cohort is limited to a maximum of 12 participants, and meets six times through a year for two days. meetings are supplemented with a closed social networking site for the exclusive use of the cohort, plus individual coaching (via phone) with me in-between meetings.

here are a couple quotes from people in the first cohort, currently meeting in san diego:

“Being part of YMCP has helped me better understand my calling and role in ministry. It has been great to hear what others are doing and get input into how I can better do things in my life and role in my church.”

“After one meeting this cohort has made a difference in my personal and professional life. I have already addressed issues in my ministry that would not have been possible without this group. It is exciting to think about what this will mean to me personally and to the congregation I serve. I’m grateful to know that I will always have this group to lean on.”

for a full description of the program, including expected outcomes, overview of the 2-day meetings, pricing, and the application process, click here to download a pdf summary.

for an application, or to ask any questions, please email me at [email protected]

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  1. Next one should be in Seattle! In fact, more things need to be held in Seattle, where is the love for the Northwest! :)

  2. Just throwing this out there–as a wife of a ym who has applied for the Nashville group–I had the thought the other day–it would be really cool if there was a way for the wives of the cohert to connect as well…..I won’t be able to travel with him all 6 times, but hope to a few of them, and I’d love to connect with other wives who are dealing with life…..

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