youth ministry in 50 years

i posted a few days back on the CT article about youth ministry in 50 years, and invited a bunch of people to post on the theme. the list of people who have posted is fantastic. and in case you don’t use a blog reader (which would show updates on that post), i’m linking to it again here. happy reading! it’s really good stuff (all the posts in the links, that is), and worth the time to read.

One thought on “youth ministry in 50 years”

  1. I have really enjoyed all the good discussion around this article. I believe it to be one of the most important things we as youth workers can be considering at this time.

    I have written about it myself on several ocassions on my blog at

    Thanks for leading the discusison on this Marko.

    I wish I were at convention this year. Looking forward to it next year!

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