youth ministry in light of adolescent brain development

these past couple days, i was at a small gathering of youth workers in millersburg, ohio (not far from canton), called seismos. joel daniel harris organized this event last year, focusing on youth ministry 3.0, after ys canceled the “future of youth ministry summit” he had planned on attending. this year, he asked me to join them as a conversation facilitator, with a focus on adolescent brain development. everyone had (in theory) read barbara strauch’s important book, the primal teen, in preparation. there were about 30 youth workers present, and our dialogue was rich (as were the times of play!).

two of the guys there, in particular, have been blogging notes. here are some of their posts:

from tom roepke…

seismos 2010 – the adolescent brain day 1

seismos 2010 – day 2 – “journey not destination”

siesmos 2010 – the image of a 15year old disciple

seismos 2010 – day 3 – the practical

from adam lehman…

seismos 2010 – rules of engagement

great quotes from seismos 2010

a 15 year-old disciple #seismos2010

faith development in relation to brain development

failure friendly youth ministry

i’m guessing both guys, along with joel daniel, will be posting more in the days to come; so check back to their blogs for more.

2 thoughts on “youth ministry in light of adolescent brain development”

  1. Thanks for hosting Marko. Great stuff. Also, I think I owe you a finger rocket to the head.

    PS. one of the guys who lived close to there went home on Tuesday night and his 13-year-old daughter was throwing a tantrum. He said he stole your line and said to her: “Are you ever just really mad and you don’t know why?” And then he went on to have a fantastic discussion with her.

  2. Marko and others, as I read through the posting of your event I am moved. It is vital to address the developmental needs (and positions) of our adolescents. The co-authoring and reciprocal process is important as it changes both the youth and the youth worker. Did discussion migrate to the unique developmental situations of families, how they shift (flexibility and cohesion) with an adolescent whose brain is turning on in new and exciting ways?

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