youth specialties is closed today

once a year, we close our office for an all staff spiritual retreat. usually we do this in late summer, just before convention season hits. but this year we couldn’t seem to find a date that worked, and ended up postponing it until after the conventions were over. so today, we’ll be at mission san luis rey (one of the california missions started by father junipero serra back in the day – any california public school kid learns all about this). my wonderful wife, jeannie, and her co-author, larry warner, will be leading us. we’ll have some guided time in the morning, and, i expect, lots of freedom in the afternoon for sleep, reflection, prayer, day dreaming, or anything else that refreshes or rejuvenates.

3 thoughts on “youth specialties is closed today”

  1. I love the spiritual retreat that is a ‘must’ built into your calendar. We just implemented this for all of our team leaders and national leaders for our missions organization. It’s so often overlooked and yet the spiritual life of our leader is crucial for any spiritual ministry.

  2. the soul shaper retreat they led in Atlanta last month was a super-big deal for me spiritually. i pray you guys have the same experience.

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