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adam walker cleaveland sent me a link to his post about an old youth worker friend of his today, and i’m just going to copy adam’s post here:

I first met Andy Konigsmark when he was the newly-hired youth pastor at the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood (yes, that’s really the church’s name) in Sun Valley, ID.

wait. presby church of the big wood? no way. what a small world! i posted a photo of their church sign not too long ago, and got ripped by a handful of conservative bloggers for my immaturity, baseness, and general lack of godliness!

ok, back to our previously scheduled serious post about a youth worker on american gladiators…

We collaborated on a Presbytery youth event called Hyperthermia, and got to know each other then. He came up to Whitworth University with me and my friend Jacque when we put on .bE at Whitworth. We also used to play pool together every now and then in Twin Falls, ID. If that wasn’t enough to make us dear friends, he bought me a beard trimmer and told me to start using it. I think he was starting to get grossed out by my beard at the time. The last time we worked together, he and I were Co-Deans at the Niners Camp at Camp Sawtooth in Sun Valley. Andy has also worked at a couple different PC(USA) churches, is pretty much a professional snowboarder and has done some modeling.Andy-Konigsmark.jpg

After a few years in Sun Valley, Andy started up at Fuller Seminary and now lives in the LA area and does stand-up comedy.

And now – if that doesn’t make Andy one of the most unique Presbyterian Youth Ministers you’ve run across, this Monday night, , January 14th, he’ll be a contestant on American Gladiators.

American Gladiators will be on Monday night, 8/7c and I’d encourage you to watch/TiVo it and show your support for a fellow Presbyterian. I am sure that Andy will do very well, and I’m excited to see him on the show. Besides, how often do you actually know one of the contestants on this amazing show!

ok, moment of total honesty here: i’ve been very tempted to peek at the new american gladiators. and this just pushed me over the top — now i can call it work!

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  1. Marko, I have been watching it since it’s debut on Sunday. It is really good, especially if you liked the original. Plus, it has Hulk Hogan.

  2. I was a huge fan of the original american gladiators and i’m a bit disappointed in the new series. The dialogue is simply horrible!! The writers strike is really showing here! Three things bother me about the new series: 1) Like I said, the writing is horrible. 2) Wolf. Nuff’ said. 3) It’s rigged! The very first show featured a very dramatic Eliminator challenge. You can find the video on youtube and see for yourself just how fake that first eliminator was. But I’ll check this one out!

  3. It breaks my heart to hear all these people say the show was rigged. We spent a couple of weeks on set busting our hump to make this show. As for me there were probably 30 seminary students there who will tell you there is no way it was rigged. I didn’t finish the show show black and blue with a separated shoulder because it was rigged.

  4. Andy, maybe I communicated myself in the wrong way. The very first eliminator challenge was rigged. I can’t say anything about the rest of them as they all looked real. But you absolutely have to admit that there was a lot of fishiness going on with the first show. The red competitor actually threw the rope away from her. Please watch the video here: (if I”m allowed to post links).

  5. interesting, dj — i have to say (no offense to andy, who i thank for coming on here and commenting!), i don’t really care if the show is rigged or not. that said, that video didn’t make anything look rigged to me. she grabbed at the rope and didn’t have a good enough grip to start the incline, and tossed it away. that’s all it looked like to me (in that video). rigged? well, i’d like to trust andy on this, and assume it’s not. but, for sure, that video didn’t convince me of anything!

  6. We live in a society where everyone thinks there is a conspiracy. I can understand how the show might looked rigged, but what people don’t realize is the Eliminator is way more hard than it looks. Imagine an all out sprint for two minutes. I know it does not look that way on TV…but it was the real deal. We are real athletes. I completed a Sprint Triathlon and 1/2 Marathon a couple weeks before the show filmed. It was still not easy.

  7. I saw the first episode and didn’t think there was anything rigged about it. It was fun to watch. I do have to admit though that I think the gladiators did hold back on some of the contestants. Does that make it rigged? In any case, I look forward to cheering for Andy this Monday!

  8. Andy, you don’t have to throw me into the rest of the country that are conspiratorial just because I said the first eliminator looked a little rigged. I don’t doubt the athleticism that it takes to run such an event or any of the events. All I know is that when I watched it on Sunday night I thought it was a little too over the top dramatic to be believed. That was my thought even before I saw this video with the commentary added and it solidified my thoughts. It just seemed a little too convenient for those comebacks to happen like that on a ‘season premier night’.

  9. Marko — So does it count as a business trip if you try to watch it live? :)

    I’m curious about what Andy’s youth group students think about his Gladiators appearance. If I were in youth group and my youth pastor was on AG, I’d probably go around telling people, “Well, *my* youth pastor can beat up yours!”

    I’m partial to Ninja Warrior myself, but I’m glad to see AG make a comeback!

  10. Andy has resurrected American gladiator!!!!
    Indeed Andy is a beast! At Fuller nobody wanted to disagree with him or else they would have to answer to his massive biceps.

  11. ANDY!!!!! Way to go, that is awesome!!! Criticism of AG…Guys, if you remember the original AG from college, HS or Jr High…. no one watched it for the dialogue..come on! It was for the action, the total smack down and, dare I say it…the outfits! Who didnt want to be Lazer….Now I have a legitimate reason to watch at least one show of AG! thanks Andy!

  12. does no one remember the dialogue on the original AG? it was just as cheesy. that’s what makes it so fabulous. favorite quote so far… from wolf, obviously: “i smell fear, i smell blood, and i’m gonna EAT YOU!” i’ll be honest, i was scared.

  13. there was a Christian campus minister on Jeopardy tonight and she WON!!! She should have to battle that guy in the joust!

  14. Love it! More importantly, my high school girls love to watch it with their dad, and they cheer all the way through it. It’s family fun!

  15. dude…i was there – it was awesome – and there is no way it is rigged. what you don’t realize (maybe some of you) is that they film ALL of the shows at once. they ran all of the couples in the eliminator at the same time. that first “dramatic” cut was just good producing – they put a really exciting (and unpredictable) show first. we all though koya was going to win – but the eliminator is a BEAST that tears you up and you never know what will happen. amazing. can’t wait to watch more.

  16. Great work Andy! You rock! Love your comments also, not your typical youth pastor! Hope you go all the way!

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