youth worker on the next season of “the biggest loser”

matthew.jpgmatthew mcnutt is a good guy — no, a great guy (he’s the one in the maine shirt, 2nd from the left in the photo). he’s been a youth worker for a handful of years, and is active in online youth worker circuits (like youth ministry exchange, the best message boards for youth workers, and even as a regular commenter here at after i posted sometime back about my cleanse, matthew emailed me suggesting we do our own version of the tv show “the biggest loser” as some kind of connection with the national youth workers convention this year. i didn’t think it fit (no pun intended), but matthew wasn’t deterred one bit. he went and applied to be on the real tv show, not some little youth workers version we could have cooked up. and he made it.

here’s matthew’s bio on the nbc site
and here’s an article matthew’s local paper ran on him

(ht to len evans, who, due to his own weight loss, i couldn’t even recognize on his blog photo!)

10 thoughts on “youth worker on the next season of “the biggest loser””

  1. This is fantastic. I didn’t know anything about it, but I wondered where Matthew had gone. I’ve never watched the show, but I hope he wins.

  2. Dang! I had hoped to play the “guess who I am game” with you in Austin, if I make it like I’m planning too. :-)

  3. i never saw the show before but this is a good thing their are no loser in christ jesus keep up the good work and may god continue to guide you path have a blessed day in the lord and just rest in jesus and he will do the rest.

  4. Wow I thought you were talking about my husband at first when I found this link we are good friends with Matt what a great guy, my husband is on the show too and was a youth pastor! I am so proud of both he and my husband (Tim Thomas Oregons Biggest Loser)

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