animal cuteness alert, along with annoying noises from onlookers:

and, from a different galaxy…
fergie’s “my humps” song pretends to be about women being in control of their own sexuality. leave it to alanis morissette to undo the song (rated pg-13, i suppose):

5 thoughts on “youtube-a-licious”

  1. it makes that way of life seem so sad. it’s funny and at the same time it seems like it pulls the curtain back and reveals something deeper. it just seemed to reveal a deep sadness. could be overanalyzing too.

  2. yeah, the fact that those otters let each others hands go does reveal something deeper and depressing. I’m so greatful their hands reunited.

  3. come on marko you gotta love that :)
    I actually think there might be a junior high talent night theme option there: you know take the latest sick song and slow it down and whine alot – you watch it will catch on

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