ypulse on youth ministers

anastasia posted the other day about youth ministers on her ypulse blog. worth a read. a snippet:

I have been surprised by who is actually the most steeped in youth culture, media and marketing. Apart from execs at MTV or agencies that specialize in reaching youth, it’s YA librarians and youth ministers. In a way, it makes sense — both of these groups are driven by something greater than the almighty dollar — in one case, they are driven by “the almighty” period. They both genuinely care about teenagers and are selling something bigger (literacy, salvation) than a sneaker or a candy bar.

btw, anastasia is doing a seminar at the sacramento NYWC this fall.

2 thoughts on “ypulse on youth ministers”

  1. I think it’s very very cool that Anastasia is doing a seminar – anyone that reads YPulse knows that she’s has tons of insight on youth culture.

  2. looks like a big handstamp to us; that people are noticing the impact we are having..
    i would hope the majority of us are paying close attention to youth culture.

    ps. can she come to the one in nashville? sacramento is far…. oh please…

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