ys is officially closed

it’s 9:45am, and i’m sitting at my kitchen table; and i just got out of bed. coffee is brewing, and i’m eating “reese’s puff’s” cereal while i type. in a half hour i leave to go chaperone a school field trip with my daughter, liesl. all the 5th graders are going to “soak city” (a water park).

the doors at ys are locked. the switchboard automatically goes to voicemail. the mail is stacking up at the post office. i think i can do this slacker lifestyle… for a week.

5 thoughts on “ys is officially closed”

  1. I was reading “The Emerging Church” by Dan Kimball and I ran across a quote you had in the book. “Contrary to much of our current thinking about the importance of powerful youth ministries to the lifelong spiritual development of future adults, research proves otherwise: a teenager who attends a church’s worship service on a regular basis and does not attend youth group is more likely to continue to attend church worship services as an adult than a teen who is active in youth group and doesn’t attend worship services with other age groups.” The reason I am writing this long quote is I am wondering where I can find more research on this subject. I am trying to back up the idea that our senior high youth need to be in worship more than Sunday School which is during worship. Thank you for all of your help. You can email me back with the info at [email protected]

  2. Reese’s Puffs cereal … awesome. I keep meaning to buy a box and try it. That and the Oreo’s cereal has me curious. You’ve inspired me. : )

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  4. have been trying to trace that quote and info (comment1) – any chance of the same info as liz?
    would appreciate it if you could Mark, thanks.

  5. Hey roy –

    Well, unfortunately, I do not have the source of that stat; but I know I actually read it in a study summary (not just in another article). I THINK it was something from The Search Institute, in MN; but I’m not positive.


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