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In about a month Youth Specialties is relocating a few miles to the east in El Cajon, California. As part of the move we have to purge a lot of books. And when I say a lot of books, I literally mean tons of miscellaneous Youth Specialties resources!

Typically, a company would just fill a dumpster with this and send it to a landfill. But we looked at this mountain of books and DVDs and recognized that we could give them to people who would use them AND we could help benefit a Christian organization in San Diego that is doing amazing things mentoring inner-city students to become first generation college students. (If you went to NYWC 2008, you may remember when we highlighted their Seriously Ridiculous story.)

With that, the idea of The Mystery Box was born.

How it Works

1. Make a donation of $20 (or more) to Reality Changers. [Learn about Reality Changers here. Make your donation here.] < – WIN FOR REALITY CHANGERS! 2. Youth Specialties will mail you a box of at least 4 resources. (May include books, curriculum, DVD, or other YS resource.) <– WIN FOR YOUTH SPECIALTIES! 3. Your donation helps a student participate in a mentorship program that prepares them to be a first generation college student. <– WIN FOR A STUDENT! 4. You get at least 4 Youth Specialties resources. <– WIN FOR YOU! Our goal is to ship at least 100 mystery boxes and raise $2000 or for Reality Changers by May 15th, 2009. Please help us reach this goal and make a difference! Youth Specialties isn’t making a dime on this. 100% of the proceeds of the after-shipping costs of the sale go directly to Reality Changers. Which is why we’re shipping everything as cheap as we can! (More money for Reality Changers) Also, we’re only guaranteeing you will get 4 Youth Specialties resources. We can’t guarantee which ones, sadly we can’t fulfill special requests. How Can You Help? 1. Make a donation and get a Mystery Box! 2. Blog about this, share this on Facebook, make a video about it and post it to YouTube, email other youth workers this blog post… help us spread the word!

3 thoughts on “ys mystery box”

  1. So, if you give more than $20 does that mean you get more stuff in the box?

    What an awesome way to empty out your closets and bless another ministry!

  2. @adam- you are very funny. Clearly I forgot I was going to shoot that night when I left for work in a super hurry!

    Fun side note to this video/story. While Ian and I were there to shoot this with Chris, a student of his spent 30 minutes talking to the group about his trip to the East Coast last weekend. He was offered free rides to both Columbia and Harvard. They flew him out to help him decide between the two. (He chose Harvard)

    Just proof that Reality Changers really is helping to change the reality of students in the toughest neighborhoods of San Diego. Ian and I were shocked!

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