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so, you might know that youth specialties has been doing one day training events in cities all across america for a very long time. for many who just can’t find a way to get to the national youth workers convention, these local training events are a real life saver.

for years and years, the day was called the national resource seminar for youth workers. a bunch of years ago now we changed the title to “the core”, with a vision for developing a 3 year cycle of training that we would repeat. but youth workers told us they didn’t want that. so, after living with the name that didn’t really make sense anymore for a number of years, we’ve changed the name again, to a plain and simple one:

introducing, YS ONE DAY

i’m part of the team that’s developing the content for this year (we have all new content every year). in fact, i’m writing the first of four sessions. this year’s theme is “The Bible: Bring It On!” our hope is to help youth workers connect with scripture, and equip them to help connect their teenagers to scripture. lots of great stuff planned for the day, around these four sessions:

Session 1: The Word is More than Words

The bible is the living and active word of God. It has authority, power and value in the lives of youth workers and students.

Session 2: Digging Deeper: Uncovering the Riches of Scripture

Digging deep into the word doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. There are tools and techniques that anyone can use to understand the bible, apply it to their own lives and teach it to the students in their ministry.

Session 3: Chronological Bible Storying: Leading Students into a Fresh Encounter with God’s Word

For thousands of years, stories were the key means for Jewish and Christian people to learn and experience God. Help students to enter into the entire panorama of God’s story

Session 4: Ideas, Ideas, Ideas: More Ways for your Students to Experience Scripture

The bible is not simply a school book, a text book, or an encyclopedia. The bible is a life book, with deep implications for our lives. We desire to help students experience the Word, not just hear it and we’ve collected hundreds of practical tools and ideas to help you do just that.

snacks and a meal are included in the price also. and just a heads-up — there’s a special deal available at the national youth workers convention (for ys one day sign-ups). so, if you coming to the nywc in pitts or nash, look for that.

here are a few more things:

dates and locations

the training team (including who’s presenting in each city)

a pdf download of the flier, to give out to volunteers


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  1. isn’t it sort of odd to have a special deal available at the NYWC when, according to your opening paragraph, a big part of YS Oneday is for it to be for people who can’t make the convention for whatever reason?

  2. Looks great. I’ve been to a few cores and love this event – especially after leaving a church and being unable to afford to go to the conventions!

    I have a question about this one…

    One of the things I’ve liked about YS is that all are welcome to events like NYWC or OneDay. Doesn’t matter what denomination or what your church’s beliefs are on certain subjects/topics – all are made to feel welcome and a part of the event.

    So – when approaching the Bible – will YS OneDay continue on that tradition? Because it seems that most of the Christian church’s division comes out of what it’s beliefs about the Bible and how we interpret it are.

    Obviously we all (I hope, anyways) believe the bible to be an important part of a Christian’s faith, but we all have differing views.

  3. jeff — we’re trying to be extra sensitive to that reality while developing the content. i think it will all be good. we’re not as much prescribing as we are coaching, leading, presenting ideas, and questionning. should be helpful to a wide variety of denom and theological perspectives.

  4. I agree with Joel. Also, I have attended the Vancouver event and brought a team at great cost because of the ferries. I know that I could get as many as were there here on Vancouver Island but for some reason no one ever replies to my inquiries.

  5. chris — well, we don’t police the registrations, so people can bring whomever they want to bring. we’re not designing it for students this year, but i’m sure there would be good connect for student leaders.

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