ys one-year acquisition anniversary party

we like to party at ys. so we like to find any excuse for a party. the one year anniversary of zondervan buying us seemed like a good enough reason for a party. so we had one today.

we had an ice cream sundae bar, and watch a hilarious video prepared for us be a few of the leaders of zondervan. then we started the contests. we had a limerick contest, with limericks skewering some of the not-finest-moments of this past year. sorry, they’re not fit for printing here.

then we had three categories of costume competitions:
“dress for success in grand rapids”
“i [heart] z”, and
“acknowledging our broader corporate family” (harpercollins, newscorp, myspace, fox tv, 20th century fox, american idol, etc.)

dude. funny stuff. i love the staff of ys; and they are funny and creative people. personally, i competed in the “i [heart] z” category, by reflecting a popular z book by rob bell. i came as a “sex god.” picture a casual version of night at the roxbury or the wild and crazy czechoslovakian brothers, played by steve martin and dan akkroyd. yeah — it wasn’t pretty. i need to button up this shirt and get this crap out of my hair.

then, to close the party, we closed the office! yup, we told everyone at 1:45 to go home and enjoy the weekend. (yes, it’s 4:15 and i’m still here — but i’m ALMOST ready to leave, and i’m in hawaii all next week, so get off my back.)

here’s one pic — all three categories represented (tic was in the “dress for success in gr” category, i was “i [heart] z” with my sex god book connection, and david welch was “acknowledging our broader corporate family” by dressing for the ny harpercollins office. none of us won our catetories, btw!


3 thoughts on “ys one-year acquisition anniversary party”

  1. hey did you cut your hair? or is it just slicked back?
    tell tic that light blue is really his color! ; )
    have fun in hawaii. are you resting or working?

  2. Dang…look who’s bringing sexy back…yep, I do the Goodwill thing too guys…

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