ysmarko’s recommended music, volume 2

idanraichel.jpgIdan Raichel: The Idan Raichel Project

bob c gifted this album to me for my birthday this year. i’d never heard of it. and it just blows me away. almost impossible to accurately describe, idan raichel compiles a combination of house/ambient/lounge music, liberally soaked in israeli music, language and vibe, but peppered with some sort of a musical diaspora that includes african and european beats, languages and sounds. there. that’s my attempt to describe it.

bottom line, it’s just very, very cool sounding.

i had a very weird internal hurdle to clear as i first listened to this album, one that surprised me: bias against the musician based on his being israeli. i sure don’t think i’m anti-semitic — gosh, i hope i’m not. but in my small amount of time in israel and palestine, i really struggled with the horrible treatment of the palestinian people at the hands of israel. i know it’s complex, and i don’t pretend to think palestine is somehow innocent or faultless. hardly. it’s merely a question of power and the abuse of it. however (!), that gives me no right to not wholly embrace any particular israeli. in the end, it was pretty easy, and i was aided by idan raichel’s extremely cool music.

if you like world music (which i do), this is just so completely “other”, that’s it’s WAY worth a listen.

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  1. If you like world music and other not-found-on-your-local radio station music, check out the community radio station from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, wyce. Check them out at wyce.org

  2. You mentioned that you like “the Bad Plus” a while back. Check out E.S.T. (a funky jazz trio from Sweden) if you get the chance. Thanks for the hint about The Idan Raichel Project.

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