ysmarko’s recommended music, volume 3

this volume of ysmarko’s recommended music is a catch-all of the best music i’ve downloaded in the past few months. too many to write reviews of them all. upcoming reviews, however, for kendall payne’s new album, and the amazing st. vincent.

icky thump, by white stripes. file under “way-out creative alt-rocker duo from DEEE-troit rock city.”

theology, by sinead o’connor. file under “eclectic dreamy spiritual music, better than the reviews it’s received elsewhere.”

the else, by they might be giants. file under “fun, creative, original goof-rockers.”

the enchantment, by chick corea and bela fleck. file under “the sound that results from mixing a brilliant jazz pianist with a legendary bluegrass banjo virtuoso.”

blunt object (live in tokyo), and prog, by the bad plus. file under “jazz piano trio with inescapable hooks.”

nacho libre (music from the motion picture). file under “silly quirk music that’s fun for the whole family.”

release the stars, by rufus wainwright. file under “brilliant lyricist with always-creative piano-driven pop progressions.”

new moon, by elliott smith. file under “postumous collection of brilliant alt-folk songwriting.”

volta, by bjork. file under “wtf? i like this.”

back to black, by amy winehouse. file under “sultry-voiced retro r&b and blues with modern lyrics.”

minutes to midnight, by linkin park. file under “it’s mid-afternoon and i’m drowsy, and i need some hard and fast music that works like an energy drink.”

the reminder, by fiest. file under “brilliant lilting pop that does not get old after dozens and dozens of listens.”

the fragile army, by the polyphonic spree. file under “choral pop madness with hooky singability that makes you want to be a part of the choir.”

zeitgeist, by smashing pumpkins. file under “if there is such a thing as ‘classic alternative rock’, this is it.”

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