ysmarko’s recommended music, volume 6

kendall payne.jpgkendall payne’s new album, paper skin, is out and available from her website, from cdbaby, and on itunes. and i highly, highly recommend it.

kendall’s been a long-time favorite of mine, ever since she stepped onto the stage at a national youth workers convention, when we’d never heard of her, and blew every single living soul away with her simple-but-powerful voice, songwriting, guitar playing, and uber-compelling all-around stage presence. i remember being at greenbelt in england, when kendall was there. no one knew who she was. so yaconelli had her play a song or two at the beginning of his always-packed seminars. pure magic.

this new album is the kind of evolution i like to see in an artist i’m already a fan of: enough of what i’ve come to love in her music (shockingly honest and open lyrical content, a voice that could slay dragons or shush a cranky baby, simple and clean production), combined with growth (as a musician, as a human, as a song writer, and as a jesus-follower). kendall’s married now, and — maybe that’s brought some stability to her life? — this new collection of songs has less fiestiness, and more confidence.

and another huge change: she learned to play (and write for) piano. the guitar is still there on some songs (i think i still prefer kendall on guitar), but the piano-driven songs add a whole new wing to kendall’s house of sound.

if i had a third hand, i’d give this album three thumbs up.

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  1. Marko I completely agree. This new album of hers is great. So much confidence and vulnerability. It’s one of my new favorites.

  2. Thank you so much for this GREAT review… How much did I say I’d pay you for it? Haha, just kidding. All my love, and from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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